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Bull Ride

Overview of Bull ride

Inflatable bull ride is a ride with character of bull or any other animals. But usually the ride is a buffalow or bull which is more popular in spain or Europe . That’s the reason why we call it the bull ride or mechanical bull ride . It is a kind of adventure park rides for indoor and events funfair use... But usually, amusement park owners, funfair owners or other businessman who need a bull ride for their business will buy the whole set of electrical mechanical bull. Bull ride is thrill for people, but with the inflatable air cushion, Player or public will never afraid of injured by this ride . When passengers slipped down from the ride, they will safe enough on the air inflatable bouncy , so it is safe in all aspects .

The mechanical bull ride is a mechanical electrical simulation machine and the mechanical bull rides are controlled by a control panel with timer and counter . This ride is a single player ride . During the working process, the animal or bull will go vibrate and goes up and down, reverse and forward . And the best part of it is that it is portable , easy to transport and easy to install .


  • Bed Size 14 feet Diameter
  • Including Control Pannel
  • ½ hp Three Motors
  • Blower for Bouncy
  • Cloth 600gsm
  • Worm Gear at Base
  • 3 Automatic Pre-set Programmes – Each set at a different skill/speed level
  • 2 Competition Timers (100mm (4″) high digits)
  • 1 Timer recording the current riders time
  • Spin Shut Off Switch – (for use with stand-up attachments)
  • Individual Speed Dials for the Buck and Spin
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Timer install inside dimer or control panel

Suggestions to buy bull rides ?

  • It is thrilling with fully safety adventure ride .
  • Could be used for facing or install in the amusement park for entrainment. It requires small area .
  • The bull could be changed by a dolphin, lion , horse, or other animals.
  • Different theme bouncy and shapes of the rodeo bull rides.
  • It has a emergency switch to stop the ride .
  • It is highly popular in youngster and kids too .

How it play ?

In this ride in which the player attempts to ride and control bull for eight seconds while holding with one hand a braided rope made of nylon or that is wrapped around the animal’s chest. A w heavy bull bell attached to the rope pulls it free when the ride is over. Higher the time the rider seat on bull more the point they earned , and competition begins .