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Pontoon Cubes

HDPE pontoon cubes & floating jetty making with international quality standard. We can get always the advanced technology and strictly quality standard. We are well-known with best service, reliable quality, reasonable price & exact delivery time; you can rely on us to increase competitiveness in the market.

Indiabungy is a professional company for the Modular Float Systems product; we get more than 12 years experience in the water sports marine industry, and all of our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000, which makes our products get long product life and long term economy.

Our Modular Float System is the best product for leisure activities, sports and engineering programs regarding the water. We hereby sincerely recommend it to you and believe confidently that you will be fully satisfied with its superior quality as well as its widely various uses.

Applications of HDPE modular float system includes marinas, harbours, jet ski docks, drive on docks, floating work platforms used in industry, communal projects, and navy engineering, aquatic stages for water shows and activities, pontoon bridges, fishing farms, floating walkways, Bathers' play rafts, bases of outdoor aquatic beer bars, coffee shops, rest shelters, or floral decorative displays, judge-stages for aquatic sport games, aquatic life-guarding platforms, etc.

Material Specifications

  • GREENETHENE G-9641U is a Hexene Co-polymer based Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin(LLDPE) in powder form which is designed for Rotational molding applications, additivated with antioxidants and UV stabilizers. Items produced by GREENETHENE G-9641U have an excellent stiffness
  • A very good balance between mechanical properties like impact strength and ESCR resistance. G-9641U is produced in: natural, blue, grey, orange, and yellow.


500mm X 500mm X 400mm


7.600 kgs