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Our company is proud to introduce an innovative and very unique attraction that has been proven to amuse and entertain people of all ages. Well-designed, extreme, fun, acrobatic, spectacular, totally safe, innovative… words fail us to adequately describe this new interactive attraction.

Why Us?

High Quality Products
Best Possible Price
Outstanding Support

Who We Are?

We are one of the manufacturers and exporters offering the world an unparalleled selection of Sports bouncing Equipments.

How We Do It?

We Sell Worldwide
Updates & Support
We Provide Best Equipment



Before You Go

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Costa Rica Parks

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Water sports, Bull ride, zip line, Billiards n many more… the sports you name & India Bungy provide the product & service for that. Hip Hip Hurrey adventure park is incomplete without India Bungy Adventure sports equipment.

Hip-hip hurray

If ramoji Film Studio is a heart of Film Industry then India Bungy is a heart of the Ramoji Film Studio.


In India, All the fun of adventure park is incomplete without India Bungy. They provide the best product for Adventure Sports & after sale service & support are amazing. Adventure Sports Equipment India Bungy.