Melt Down

Meltdown is a multiplayer, super action game, which challenges your stamina and reaction.Not One but two specially designed, low impact spinning arms will knock the players off the podium.Jump over the pipe or dive under it and at the same time stay in place and not fall or you will be eliminated. The last standing player will be the winner of The Meltdown.

Product description

  • Diameter: 20-25 Feet
  • Motor:1 HP DC
  • Panel :220 volts
  • Also available in Hexagon
  • The inflatable base is made in the form of octagon. It has 8 removable green podiums.
  • Control is in your hands: Inflatable meltdown is controlled by a specially engineered and programmed remote control panel. Several automatic modes with a timer, multiple difficulty levels and of course manual process control spices up this fun filled action ride. It has an emergency stop button which terminates the ride in case of any emergency.