Bungy Ejection

Also known as the Reverse Bungy, this is a thrilling experience of being catapulted up, when being strapped to two bungee cords on either side.

Product description

The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Adventure Park Rides

India Bungy is the world’s largest manufacturer of adventure park rides. We construct adventure parks that attract more riders daily. We supply varieties of adventure rides that provide flexibility for developmental and recreational opportunities for your customers. We have installed some of the highest rocket ejectors in most adventure parks across the country and abroad. These fun-filled and adventurous activities can catapult the rider to five and a half floors high up in the sky. Our bungy ejection comes with ultra-safety features. We use quality materials and equipment to construct all our adventure park rides.

High durability and low cost are the unique features of the rock ejector we supply. It is specially designed for people with adventurous minds and a liking for extreme sports. Contact us today to know our products and choose them to install in your parks.

How it works

  • On each side of the harness are elastics, which are connected to ropes; the ropes are themselves wound around an electrical hoist.
  • The tension in the elastics depends on the rider’s weight, which is designed for riders between 40 Kgs and 110 Kgs. (If the riders weight is above 90 kg, an additional elastic is necessary).
  • The elastics are given tension by the motor, and the operator releases the rider by opening the release hook.
  • The rider is propelled to a height that can reach 15 meters.
  • The turnaround time of each ejection is of 2 minute to 3 minute, which allows 20 to 25 riders per hour.


  • It had 30 feet X 20 feet dismountable base, on which two 45 feet masts are attached. Each mast, is made of 3 parts and can be dismantled.
  • The base is covered with an Aluminium chequered plate for better grip and stability.
  • A very heavy duty electrical hoist, powered by a 2HP motor is located under the metal flooring. This creates tension in the elastics which are connected top the harness, through ropes winding round its pulleys..
  • The masts are extended up with a manual hoist, eliminating the need for a ladder.
  • The longest parts are Aluminium Poles and Centre Joints which are 15 feet long.
  • The whole structure is made of 20 parts
  • Installation is simple and takes only about two hours to complete.
  • Safety: All moving parts (ropes, pulleys, karabiners) have been doubled, each one of them with a security coefficient up to 15 times higher than the requested value.
  • The Structure’s Overall Height is 45 Feet and the Jump Height is about 50 feet.


  • Space required = 30 feet X 20 feet
  • Height jump up to : 50 feet
  • Customizable Voltage: 220V/ 380V/ 415 V
  • Aluminium pole height : 45 feet
  • Structure: M.S metal , with aluminium chequered plate
  • All bolts are tempered and tested
  • Motor: Geared motor, heavy duty of 2 HP, 3 phase
  • Climbing rope: 12 mm – doubled , 3,000 kg breaking point
  • Full body harness (Tear-off breaking point 1,600 kg (600kgs)
  • Elastics: 12 mm- with sleeves on both sides. 14 ropes used in a set
  • Ride capacity: 20 to 25 riders per hour
  • Karabiners and pulleys – Breaking point 22KN