Cycle Zipline

Product description

Experience ,  thril of cycling in air.  we construct  this zipline , called as cycle zipline or sky cycle where the adventure seeker cycles from point A to point B on a wire / rope. Popularly known as Sky cycling / Rope cycling, this activity has gained a lot of popularity with the youngsters. We can build a sky cycling setup for you within 10 days time.

It can be setup anywhere flat surface with a solid foundation, no need of slope , two high towers and an attitude for adventure. There are typically two  ropes joined from one tower to another. One rope is for cycle and other is for safety of the person riding it.

It is an activity that can be done by people of all ages and is built in a way that the rider is always safe. Not difficult to setup and very basic training required to operate, this can be a a crowd favourites and popular

It can be made to cover a minimum distance of 50-400 meters distane . Sky cycling can also be made  as per client choice . with the cabele size of 12 mm marine cord . This activity can be done by 2-4 people in one go, a rider and a pillion. It typically takes few  minutes for one  round to be complete. Anyone above the age of 8 years can do this activity. For safety, a waist harness is worn by both the participants along with a helmet.