Pipe Float

  • When it comes to Marine applications, India Bungy has been the top provider, with our custom and ergonomic designs.
  • Pipe floats are another one of our unique products, particularly for dredging, mining, aquaculture and water treatment systems.
  • Every pipe float should be:

A: Compliant

B: Easy to install &

C: Resilient

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Product description

Our pipe floats are just that! They are compliant with ever standard pipe size, their design comes in two halves which is super easy to install anywhere. The material used is chemical resistant, UV resistant and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Moreover, our unique design has tapered internal ends to allow the pipes to flex easily without breaking or cracking and the internal anti-slip mechanism holds the pipes firmly in place.

Models and Specifications

  • Material:
  1. Big Pipe Floats:

For pipe diameter 600 -1000 mm

Designed for heavy applications

  1. Small Pipe Float:

For pipe diameter 150 – 550 mm

Designed for medium and smaller applications.

Made with stainless steel or hot dip galvanised assembly material

  1. Dredging Pipe Float Bi-Conical Type:

For pipe diameter 200 – 400 mm

Designed with conical edges for medium and smaller applications