Bungy Trampoline

  • Bungee Jumping is thrilling and exciting but is also quite a risk. Children are often attracted to extreme sports but don’t really understand these risks and often get reprimanded by their parents.
  • Well, now there is a safer option which is risk free and full of fun. The answer is the Bungy Trampoline!
  • Safely hastened to bungee cords on either sides, the kids have a great time, jumping, summersaulting and exploring their acrobatic skills.
  • The bungee cords are connected to pulleys and a winch motor which controls the tension in the cords and can be adjusted as per the body weight. This ensures 100% safety and fun, together.
  • The beauty about this simple but sturdy contraption is that it can be installed just about anywhere- In parks, vacation resorts, summer camps or also at scenic locations, to get a better view from a height!

Product description

Bungy Trampoline – Unique Designs and Low Cost

Bungy trampoline rides are one of the most exciting rides for people of all ages. We sell the safest and specially designed trampolines to make the most of your celebrating days. It is a popular attraction at any event, and everyone wants to enjoy it at any cost. Hence, we exhort you to make this piece of equipment be part of your events. We also construct and supply attractive amusement park rides. We adhere to all the safety features. Contact us to order it for your park. Amusement park rides are the biggest crowd pullers in any park. We offer uniquely designed rides at the lowest costs.

Design and Construction

  • The beauty is in its simplicity!
  • It is made with a support structure of about 25 feet.
  • A pulley system is used to anchor and retract the bungee cords.
  • The jumper bounces on a trampoline and is attached to a harness, which in turn is attached to the bungee cords.
  • Awinch motor puts tension on the bungee cords by pulling on them through the pulleys.

How it works

  • The jumper puts on a harness according to his or her waist size.
  • Depending on the person’s weight, a certain number of bungee cords are connected to the harness.
  • The cords are connected to a climbing rope which goes through a pulley system connected to the highest point on the jump structure.
  • The pulley system is further connected to a winch motor, which adjusts the tension is the cords.

As the jumper gains momentum, the motor is used to put more tension on the bungee cords. This allows the jumper to reach as high as the structure.


  • Space required: 13 feet x 18 feet
  • Max weight of the jumper: 90 Kgs
  • Trampoline Diameter: 12 feet
  • Pole height: 23 feet; Material: Aluminium
  • Winch motor: 3 phase, 1.5 H P (CE Certified)
  • Karabiner: 22 KN Breaking Strength (CE Certified)
  • Swivels: Die forged from one piece for extra stability and strength; Make- Singing Rock
  • Harness: Small and Medium (with Parachute buckles)
  • Steel Core Marine Cords: 6 mm (With thimble eye and double ferrules)
  • Rope: Nylon, 12 mm
  • Bungy Cord: 12 mm (8 pieces) , 10 mm (4 pieces)