Floating Pump Pontoon

  • UNDERGROUND STRUCTURE FRAME OF THE PLATFORM IS IN S.S 304 ONLY. SO NO RUSTING. where we fit and install submersible pumps .
  • The Framing are fitted with top of barrel slot and Bolted in barrel , each of barrel has Buoyancyof 286 kgs in sweet water and 295 kgs in salty water And each barrel weight of about 36 kgs .
  • The whole structure is covered by Aluminiumcheker plate with 3 mm thickness.
  • We specialise in the design, manufacture of floating platform for ,Dredging, sludge ponds, mining applications, sewerage, desludging, waste water including associated equipment, to remove water or liquid from lake, pond , river , sea , or mining khadan.
  • Our floating platforms can be used as pumping pontoons for water removal, pit and quarry dewatering, water supply, or solids removal. Customized flotation platforms are also available. Our pontoons feature a high structural strength box steel upper structure with a hot-dipped galvanized coating finish secured bolted to modular, LLDPE floats with heavy-duty, stainless steel bolts .
  • The proprietary modular floats have outstanding stability in water and roll-over resistance due to their unique design and weighted keel. The floats are bolted to a fabricated structural steel framework to give a robust and sturdy structure which then fastens to the main pump unit. The main pump unit is housed in a frame that drops directly into the pontoon deck allow from easy pump removal or exchange.
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Product description


The centre of the structural steel frame of the pump pontoons have a low-slung chassis (gull wing design as shown below) to ensure the pump base sits below the deck of the pontoon.  This lowers the centre of gravity for increased stability and also prevents the pump sliding on the pontoon which otherwise may cause load imbalance, tipping or roll over.


  • floating submersible pump station are designed to set the pump on the floating, apply to lakes, reservoirs, tailing and other due to large differences in water level, uncertain frequency fluctuation and fixed pump station have been unable to meet the requirements for life and industrial.
  • Simple structure with Convenient transportation, ease to installation
  • Higher of pump efficiency, low costs
  • We are designed to accommodate submersible and vertical turbine pumps of all sizes in additional to safe and easy access for operators. The size of the center gap can be customized by changing the dimension of the grating connection assembly.