Pontoon Cubes

  • Simple, Safe and Robust- has been our motto for the past 12 years, since the launch of our very first product.
  • Our team of talented engineers have researched, modified and perfected the design of our Pontoon cubes.
  • The uniqueness of our design is in the material and the structure.
  • The material used, is designed to withstand UV light and high temperatures and also has superior strength and stiffness.
  • Each pontoon cube can be easily connected to another, to build a variety of structures like jetties, harbours, drive on docks, floating work platforms and more!
  • Each cube is made from LLDPE and has an ESCR resistance of the material is 360 kg per sq meter
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Product description

The Leading Floating Jetty Manufacturer – We are Committed to Provide Quality Products!

India Bungy is the industry-leading floating jetty manufacturer in India. We provide top-quality floating jetties for commercial and private applications. Our floating pontoon cubes are known for their special designs and easy-to-install features. Each pontoon cubes manufactured from our plant will exceed your expectations. The satisfaction of all our customers is the heart of everything we do.

We have an experienced and highly skilled team comprised of engineers, designers and installers. Each department of our organization works in close contact with our clients to provide versatile floating pontoon cubes. They can custom make pontoon cubes to suit your needs and requirements. We offer a range of products and services, and all of them are competitively priced. They are ten percent less than the prices of our competitors. Contact us today to receive detailed information on all our products and services.


  • Size: 500mm X 500mm X 400mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kgs
  • Material :LL36RA045UV is a butenecomonomer based Liner Medium Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).
  • Additives: Resin(LLDPE) with antioxidants and UV stabilizers
  • Colours: Natural, blue, grey, orange, and yellow.