Modular plastic float
hdpe floats

Modular plastic floats

Plastic Floats with high load capacities mainly use

1) For the construction of workboats

2) big pontoon boats, big houseboats, floating restaurants, floating resorts etc.


This type of floats uses for houseboats and pontoon boats & for floating platforms and jetties.

We India Bungy develops, designs and builds floating systems, unique and innovative design and combines therein Martine architecture, engineering, research and development. So there are no interface-losses in complex planning.
We find the balance solution between time, quality and cost, the parameters of any Martine & solar project.. dragging projects

If you use India Bungy floating pontoon systems, you are able to put a wide variety of personal or business projects on the water into practice. Take advantage of our different pontoon floaters, which we use for the construction of our floating platforms. The modular combinable individual barrel floats can be used for example to very easily build a floating pontoon platform for floating water resort, floating restaurant & floating house. Of course, you can also use them for the construction of a floating work platform.