Modular plastic Solar floats

  • Why build on land when you can build on water? A cozy houseboat, a floating restaurant or a luxurious jetty! These exciting ideas are no more just dreams! The answer is the Modular Plastic Float
  • Modelled to perfection, our engineers have toiled to give you the perfect floats, which can adapt to any customization. They are light, robust and most importantly versatile!
  • Their perfect design allows them to float in both high and low tides and can be used in combination, to fit under any sort of construction, like a house, restaurant or jetty.
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Product description

Use in Solar Power Generation

  • The latest use of these Floats are in Massive Solar Panels, on water bodies to generate electricity.
  • The greatest advantage is that the exposure of these panels to direct sunlight, with no obstructions, generate massive amounts of electricity and allows the Solar Panels to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • The added advantage is that it also stops the unnecessary evaporation of water, thus preventing water shortage.
  • Modular Floats make this easily possible at a low cost and high stability!

Benefits Of Floating Solar

  1. Today, a floating solar project costs 10% more than a solar plant on the ground, but this higher cost is overcome by the increased efficiency. The final KWH cost is 20% lower than a ground-based project.
  2. Reduces evaporation of water.
  3. As surrounding temperature increases beyond not then efficiency decreases, so less KWH but due to floating solar cooling effect, solar efficiency remains good in summer in compared to ground mounted project & so more power generation annually.

India Bungy – Pioneer and Leader in the Manufacturers of Floating Solar Panels

At India Bungy, we have been proudly manufacturing and supplying floating solar panels at a large scale. Are you keen on solar energy but no space? If so, a floating solar power plant is suitable for you. Floating solar is an effective solution against lack of space. We are recognized as the leader in the development and supply of innovative and highly robust solar systems. A solar floater provides a clean, viable, eco-friendly, economical and unlimited energy supply.

More than a decade of experience in the supply of modular plastic floating has helped us acquire deep knowledge in providing customized solar products. We supply solar floaters suitable for reservoirs, lakes, water treatment plants, hydroelectric dams, irrigation sites and more. Following are the main attractions and benefits of our products:

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional methods, a floating solar panel is cost-effective and economical.
  • Easy to Install: The floating base for solar power plant we supply is easy to install. Zero maintenance cost is another attraction of our products.
  • Conserving Valuable Land: A modular plastic float is installed in water; hence it helps to conserve your valuable land. It is advantageous where physical space is limited.

A floating solar power plant is drinking water compliant. We use only recyclable materials in the production, and thus it is an eco-friendly product. We adhere to various quality standards; every solar floater that goes out of our production unit is tested to the highest quality standards.