Pontoon Boats

Celebrate in style or have a romantic dinner, as you enjoy the calm waves of the ocean and feel the sea breeze in your hair! Whether you’re cruising in a lake or sailing in the sea, you’d rather have a nice deck to walk on, than a rocky boat!

Our luxurious pontoon boats are designed to give you a lavish, relaxing cruise, be it during the day or night. These sailboats are equipped with sturdy and plush decks to walk on, classy lighting and comfortable seating to relax and enjoy your ride. They can cruise at speeds upto 10 knots to get you to the middle of the sea and back safely, within minutes.

All equipment used, are of the highest quality and safety standards. Our latest designs, by Certified Chartered Engineers, ensure that the boat remains steady while being afloat, at any speed and completely eliminate the chances of capsizing.

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Product description

India Bungy – Designs, Manufactures and Supplies Top-Quality Pontoon Boats Worldwide

India Bungy is the largest designer, manufacturer and supplier of top-quality pontoon boats in India and across the world. We serve industries such as travel, tourism and fishing. We custom make a pontoon boat to suit your needs and requirements. Meeting our clients’ requirements is our utmost priority, and it has been the success formula of our business so far. We have an extended product range. Pontoon jetty is one of our prestigious items. We use the latest technology, durable and quality materials to manufacture a perfect pontoon jetty suitable for various fun-filled activities.


  • Materials used:
    • Body: Aluminium (Lightweight and non-corroding)
    • Other parts: High quality Stainless Steel
    • Seating:
  • Capacity: 18-20 people
  • Speed 7 – 10 Knots
  • LED Lights: Red, Blue and Green
  • Music System: Sony or Panasonic
  • Recommended Motors: 40 hp to 60 hp (depending on the required speed)
  • Available Sizes:
    1. 18 feet x 8 feet
    2. 20 feet x 8 feet
    3. 24 feet x 8 feet